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DPDx - CDC Parasitology Diagnostic Web Site
DPDx - Laboratory Identification of Parasites of Public Health Concern ... Diagnostic Procedures - Laboratory procedures for parasite identification ...

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Typical "dpd.cdc.gov" pages:

Ticks - Microscopy Findings - Page 2

Microscopy page 2- Ixodes, Rhipicephalus and Ornithodoros.

Two-host Ixodidae - Life Cycle

Life cycle of the two-host ixodid (hard) ticks. The adult is considered the diagnostic stage, as identification to the species level is best achieved with ...

Three-host Ixodidae - Life Cycle

Life cycle of three-host ixodid (hard) ticks. The adult is considered the diagnostic stage, as identification to the species level is best achieved with ...

Schistosomiasis - Page 1

Causal Agents: Schistosomiasis is caused by digenetic blood trematodes. The three main species infecting humans are Schistosoma haematobium, S. japonicum, ...

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